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Smart Beauty INNO

Excellent Whitening, tightening, anti-wrinkle & lifting
Digital Ion-zyme&Acupressure massage
      Secret 810 Dual Action Mask
      All at once.

The world 1’st

Digital Ion-zyme regulator mask.

Action 1 Ion-zyme : Remarkable absorption rate of ingredients

Action 2 2 Acupressure massage : Excellent tightening, wrinkle decline & lifting

SpecialApp. Application : Healing music, remote control & timer function

Ellose Lifting sheet, Patent obtained

· Ellose lifting Sheet

· Soft, tightening & elasticity

· OEKO-TEX Standard100 1’st degree

Double layered design for face & chin.

Action 1Double layered design

Action 2The pressurized band cover that promote lifting consistently without drooping

SpecialDesigned to assist in the strong lifting of double bore heterogeneous compression bands

Mixture of Adenosine for anti-aging and Niacin amide for whitening

Ampul 35g

The ampoule of 35g is more than any other mask.


Inhibits inflammation of acne Anti-aging & oxidative effects

Efficacy(Ginkgo Leaf)

Reduce intermittent claudication Anti-oxidant

Efficacy(Lllidium verum Hook)

Skin tightening & relaxing

Efficacy(Diamond powder)

Powerful De-tox